Tile Roofing

Premium, Durable Roofing

If you are looking for a durable and attractive alternative to asphalt shingle roofing, tile roofing has become a popular option. Whether you choose clay or concrete tiles, you’ll be getting a weather- and fire-resistant roof that will last 50 or more years. Among the many roofing specialties that TRUEWORKS ROOFING offers is tile roof replacement, installation and repair in Houston, TX. We also use a simple process that makes it stress-free for our customers no matter what service we provide. You can learn more about us or schedule a free consultation by calling 713-903-7663.

Our Tile Roofing Service Offerings

Whenever you choose TRUEWORKS ROOFING for tile roof repair or installation in Houston, TX, you can always count on our professionals for quality craftmanship. Our tile roof replacement and installation processes are simple. We begin by scheduling a free in-person or online consultation where we go over your needs and outline our easy financing options. Once we have an estimate in place for you, we get to work on the project with the goal to get a new long-lasting, attractive roof over your head within four weeks. We also make sure to leave no mess behind to protect you and your property. On every job, we use Catch-All netting to recover all nails and other debris and remove it from your property. You can also count on us to use top-quality materials from leading manufacturers and to provide you with the best labor and materials warranties.

Tile roofs are some of the most versatile and durable available. These roofs are also low-maintenance, and rarely leak or break. You can expect them to last anywhere from 50 to 100 years or more before they need to be replaced. If you do need tile roof repair in Houston, TX, you can always depend on the expertise of roofing teams to get the job done quickly and effectively. We are also available for 24/7 emergency repairs. Highly weather- and fire-resistant, tile roofs come in a variety of shapes—curved, flat, fluted, and interlocking—styles and colors suitable for most home designs. Styles range from wavy Spanish style to contemporary European. These aesthetically pleasing roofs will improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.

  • Honesty

    “True to our word. True to our work.™” We don’t take any money until the job is done and you are satisfied. We understand winning your trust is key.

  • Insurance Experts

    We specialize in navigating insurance company red tape in order to get your new roof approved– we probably know your adjuster by name!

  • Quality

    We only use quality products that pass our rigorous field testing requirements, giving you plenty of options for getting a quality roof at a price that fits your budget.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Tile roofing is popular in regions like ours near the coast, and are especially valued in warmer weather, as they help cool your home down and save money on energy expenses. No matter the time of year, tile will put less strain on your HVAC system. These roofs are also eco-friendly and are fully recyclable. They contain no chemical preservatives or harmful toxins.

Types of Roofing

The types of tile we work with most often include:

  • Clay tile roofs: Clay tile is one of the oldest types of roofing material, and with the right upkeep can last more than a century. They usually come with a 50-year warranty. It takes a really hard impact to damage them so tile roof repair is rare. Leaks are also rare.
  • Concrete tile roofs: Like clay tile, concrete tile will last for 50 years or more, and can withstand heavy rains, high winds, as well as hail. Concrete tile is much lighter and less expensive to install than clay.


One of the primary drawbacks of tile roof installation is the weight. Clay and concrete tiles are two to three times heavier than asphalt shingles so your roof will have to be evaluated if you’ve never had tile roofing on it beforehand. Our skilled roofers will be able to judge exactly what’s needed and can make necessary adjustments so the tile can be supported.

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If you are interested in tile roof installation or need tile roof repair in Houston, TX, you can always count on the team at TRUEWORKS ROOFING for worry-free solutions. We provide free consultations for all our services and you can book an appointment today by calling 713-903-7663.