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While a little drip from your ceiling after it rains might not seem like a big deal, a roof leak can create serious problems if left unchecked. Roof leaks are just one type of residential roof repair that TRUEWORKS ROOFING provides in Houston, TX. We understand that small problems—even something like a few cracked or missing shingles—can add up to big, stressful problems quickly. That’s why we make our roof replacement and repair services as stress-free as possible. Our customers are our priority. Anytime you need a roof repair, you can set up a consultation with us by calling 713-903-7663.

Benefits of Residential Roof Repair

From aging and normal wear and tear to storms and other emergencies, roofs of all types—shingles, metal, tile—take a beating. All too frequently, however, homeowners let the damage go unchecked until it’s too late and they find themselves making expensive roof repairs or requiring premature replacement. The sooner you tackle roof repair in Houston, TX the more you’ll save in time and money. When you have experts like those at TRUEWORKS ROOFING, you’ll also save in stress and worry. We always provide exceptionally fast and effective roof repairs.

Among the most common repairs we make are fixing leaks. Anytime you think you have damage or a leak, you’ll want to get your roof inspected as soon as possible to determine what kind of repairs are needed. Letting leaks go can lead to all sorts of problems from rotting to mold and mildew growth. Our licensed and insured inspectors can find your leaks and give you a detailed report so you can make informed decisions about repairs.

Storm Damage and Emergency Roof Repairs

Storms can be particularly damaging to your roof, especially when hail or high winds are involved. Our skilled roofing professionals can provide repairs to any type of residential roof including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, or tile roofs. Whenever severe weather occurs, you want to get your roof inspected for damage as soon as possible. Even just a few shingles damaged by hail or torn off by wind can lead to serious problems like leaks. Wind damage can be particularly tricky to detect as sometimes shingles are lifted away from the roof and then set back down. This type of damage isn’t readily apparent from the ground. Our team is also available 24/7 for emergency roof repair, so never hesitate to call us at 713-903-7663.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

Anytime you need a roof repair or replacement, you will probably submit a claim to your insurance company. Before you do, get your roof inspected. Information from the inspection report can be used to document the damage for the claim. TRUEWORKS ROOFING can also help you verify damage with your insurance adjuster, and will even meet with the adjuster in person if needed. Our goal is to help you get the full payout on the claim so you can get the repairs you deserve.

The TrueWorks™ Roofing Process

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    Step One

    Free consultation (in person/virtual) to discuss your roofing needs and our 100% financing options!

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    Step Two

    With no money down, we get you from a free estimate to a completed roof in 4 weeks or less!

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    Step Three

    Sleep easy under your new roof, knowing you and yours are safe and dry!

An Easy Replacement Process

Most asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 to 30 years at best. No matter what kind of roof you have, or how many repairs you’ve made, or how well you’ve maintained it, it will need to be replaced at some point. When it comes to residential roof replacement in Houston, TX, you can always count on our team for stress-free services. Our process is simple and begins with a free consultation in which we go over what you need and explain our easy financing options. Our goal is to put a new long-lasting roof over your head within four weeks. We also make sure to clean our mess to protect you and your property. With all our services, we use Catch-All netting for nails and debris.

Age is normally the main determining factor for roof repair. Other signs it’s time for roof replacement include:

  • Shingle granules in gutters: Granules clogging your gutters are a sign your shingles are deteriorating and it’s time to replace the roof.
  • Sagging: If you have a clear dip in your roof, your sheathing is deteriorating and your roof could collapse.
  • Loose, rusted or damaged flashing: If your flashing is damaged it’s probably allowing water to seep under your shingles, causing leaks.
A Roofer Makes a Roof Repair.

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