roof financing for new asphalt shingle roof

Are You Interested in Roof Financing for Your Home or Property?

Has your roof sprung a leak? Are you worried about the price tag that comes with a proper roof replacement? Our roofing team at TRUEWORKS ROOFING is perfectly aware of how important it is for our customers to have their finances in order when it comes to their roof repair or replacement. We want to make sure that our customers are prepared and ready to take that next step, which is why we offer unique roof financing options in Houston, TX. Once you go through our PDFs, which are provided below, please be sure to reach out to a friendly member of our team at 713-903-7663. We’d love to help you get started on your roof replacement.

Pertinent Financing Options to Help You Get Back On Your Feet

With our roof financing options, you will be able to get your dream roof project started in no time at all. This is accomplished by transforming one large payment into affordable monthly installments. Our Enhancify TrueWorks Portal is an excellent way to get started. Enhancify is essentially a broker for other lenders that soft pulls for credit scores from 600. It is important to understand that TRUEWORKS ROOFING can’t guarantee any fixed rates because the terms will be based on multiple bids from multiple lenders.

Conversely, EnerBank is another option for our customers. EnerBank FDIC is a hard pull for credit scores of 700  (you can also add a co-applicant) with a fixed financing rate. This translates to 0% 12 MONTH Same As Cash Loan that seamlessly turns into a 5 YEAR 6.99%. It is 12-Month Same As Cash 0% pay however much you want, when you want, and then if you should need more time to pay it can be extended seamlessly to a 6.99% 5-Yr Loan on the remainder. Furthermore, you can also pay this off early to avoid interest.

We understand how important roof financing can be for our customers in Houston, TX. That’s why we make ourselves available at 713-903-7663 for our customers every day. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for all of your roofing services.