EPDM Membrane Rubber Roof Installation

EPDM roof

We Provide the Best EPDM Membrane Rubber Roof Installation In the Area

EPDM roofs have been on the roofing scene for decades. These single ply roof systems possess many surprising and excellent attributes like durability and strength in even the toughest weather scenarios. EPDM is composed of durable synthetic rubber, which is used as a membrane. Installed fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted, there are a variety of different ways that this roofing material can be applied. Additionally, this membrane can be applied to both low-slope and no-slope buildings, and is a vital part of the pantheon of commercial flat roof coatings. If you would like to hear about the advantages of a EPDM membrane rubber roof installation in Houston, TX, we’d be happy to share that information with you. You can reach out to us at 713-903-7663 to set up a proper roof inspection to ascertain your roofing needs.

Your Durable Synthetic Rubber Roof Awaits

When was the last time your commercial roof was inspected for roof vulnerabilities? If you haven’t secured a roofing appointment with your local roofing company in recent memory, now is the time to start. Our team at TRUEWORKS ROOFING would be happy to dispatch a trusted project manager to your property, where they will arrive on time and on schedule. After they have ascended your roof, they will determine the best course of action, documenting roof problems as they navigate the perimeter of the roof. Once you are aware of the current condition of your roof, you can make an informed decision about, for example, whether your roof replacement will be within your budget, or whether your roof repairs can be completed on a quick timetable.  

We Are Your Local Residential and Commercial Roofing Company

When you choose a roofing company, it should be as well-versed and professional as TRUEWORKS ROOFING. That’s because, with each and every one of our roofing services, you’ll be receiving the full weight of our knowledge and experience. This is especially true as it concerns your EPDM roof system. It’s always best to have dedicated professionals on your side, whether it be for roofing insurance claims or for residential roof repairs. It’s our job to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied, and we are happy to make that happen through our use of time-honored roofing methods that will keep you secure and safe in even the toughest storm system.

With a brand-new EPDM membrane rubber roof installation in Houston, TX, your roof will be performing better than ever. Your phone call to 713-903-7663 will reap proven results for your roof system.