Modified Bitumen Roof Repair / Installation

modified bitumen roof

High Quality Modified Bitumen Roof Repair / Installation

If you are embarking on a new construction project for a property that needs a great roof, modified bitumen is a highly popular choice. The reason why modified bitumen is so popular in the roofing industry is simple. With its ability to withstand continual exposure to extreme environmental factors and its five layers of protection, modified bitumen is an exceptionally trustworthy roof system. When a modified bitumen roof is freshly and properly installed, it is truly a wonderful thing to behold. Please give us a call at 713-903-7663 to discover modified bitumen roof repair / installation in Houston, TX.

How Is Modified Bitumen Different From Built-Up Roofing?

Believe it or not, modified bitumen roofing is an updated style of an earlier, classic form of roofing, known as BUR, or Built-Up Roofing. While BUR systems are installed through a system of multiple layers of roofing material, modified bitumen has the special ability to expand and contract without losing its shape. The asphalt rolled roofing synonymous with modified bitumen has plastic roof cement in its seams and is distinguished by the melted tar present in the application process. BUR roofs typically have gravel as the top layer of the roof system and are easily identified using this marker.

The True Benefits of Modified Bitumen Roof Repair

The asphalt-based cousin of the BUR roof system is specifically designed for flat and low slope roofs. If you currently have a commercial property with a flat or low-slope roof system, it is imperative that you understand that pooling water and harsh weather can come at a cost. That’s why your local professional roofing contractor, TRUEWORKS ROOFING, is proud to share our qualified team with our community and reinforce these noteworthy roofs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all of your residential and commercial roofing problems. We’d be happy to help.

We provide the very best modified bitumen roof repair / installation in Houston, TX. To discover how we can improve the current condition of your roof, please give our friendly team a call at 713-903-7663.