Ecodur Roof Coatings

before and after air port roof coating

Save On Labor & Time

TRUEWORKS ROOFING is proud to provide the option of Ecodur roof coating in Houston, TX. Stop further damages to your flat roofing system without the time and labor of spudding, complete tear-offs, and re-roofing. Ecodur has extreme adhesion and durability that can be applied directly over hard-to-coat substrates like embedded gravel. Learn more about this system by contacting 713-903-7663 today.

100% Sustainable Roof Coatings

Castagra’s 100% sustainable Ecodur Roof Coating is 100% sustainable and bonds to substrates like no other with premium max-adhesion. It’s a VOC-free product that can handle the toughest recoat jobs such as tar and gravel roofs. Get a time-saving, cost-effective solution with up to 70% labor savings for your low-slope roof.

Fast Curing and Highly Durable

Ecodur Roof Coating is not of silicone materials and consists of a white primer-less fast-cure coating. It can be applied to any substrate from asphalt, cementitious, BUR, metal, single ply, and more. What makes Ecodur a superior coating is its extreme bonding power offering the best adhesion in the industry.  With more than 3x the strength of most conventional roof coatings.  Save on the costs of tear-offs with fewer coats and phenomenal adhesion. 

Let us show you how Ecodur Roof Coating makes it easy for you to save costs and get better results!

Key Points

Here are some key points to consider:

Easy To Apply: There is minimal site prep and it’s odorless with o chemical used in the application process. Roof coatings are easy to apply with no spudding or pressure washing needed in most circumstances. It can be applied with a brush, roller, or squeegee.

Superior Performance: There is maximum adhesion that has been proven as the best in the industry. It cures fast at any mil. It’s waterproof, UV resistant, and resists impact from debris and hailstorms.

Saves Time and Money: There are fewer coats and curing cycles with less material and labor which leads to fewer callbacks and repairs. This reduces labor costs and liability.

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