Built Up Roofing

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Built Up Roofing Experts for Your Commercial Property

Are you aware of what a built up roof system is and how it can benefit your new construction property? If not, now is the time to become better informed. Built Up Roof Systems, also known by the acronym BUR, are composed of alternating layers of asphalt or tar and supporting fabrics. These are installed directly onto the roof. The roofing contractor in charge and the property owner can discuss the number of layers or piles that are installed to create the maximum amount of protection for the property. For those who would like to have a discussion on this topic, a roof inspection is in order. We would be more than glad to help with your built up roofing in Houston, TX, and can be reached with a quick phone call to 713-903-7663.

What is the Difference Between Modified Bitumen Roofs and BUR Roofs?

If you are not already apprised of this connection, you may be surprised to know that BUR roofs are a very classic style of roofing, and its cousin, the modified bitumen roof, is an updated version of this traditional style. While BUR roofs can be easily identified as having gravel tops, modified bitumen is composed of rolled sheets of asphalt that are applied with hot tar and other important roofing materials. Modified bitumen can be applied in a number of different ways, and roofing contractors can determine the best course of action depending on the current condition of the roof. Modified bitumen roofs can last at least twenty years, especially with roof repairs and maintenance. Built up roofs can last as long as forty years, with the proper and corresponding amount of maintenance.

The Best Flat Roof Solutions In the Community

If you have a flat roof over your property, there is no telling what kind of issues you may currently be experiencing, particularly if you have not scheduled a roofing inspection in some time. You could have roof leaks, punctures, tears, and more. The ideal way to figure out a navigable way forward is to get our team on your side. With honesty and transparency, we will explain what needs to happen and give you the repairs you need.

If you need a consultation or repairs for your built up roofing in Houston, TX, we are the team to call. Please reach out to us at 713-903-7663 to get started.